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Page Background The ASMHeat Treating Society (HTS) and the International Federation of Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering (IFHTSE) have partnered to create an exciting event focused on thermal processing, heat treating, and surface engineering. Because thermal processing is a critical step in bringing goods to market, this industry has become vital to the performance, cost, and quality of products. The “not tomiss” conference brings together thermal processing experts fromaround the globe to present the latest innovations, research, and advances in composites, additivemanufacturing, tribology, and surface engineering. The event will be held in historic Savannah, where presenters and attendees can convene in the warm hospitality of Southern Georgia. SAVE THE DATE! INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION FOR HEAT TREATMENT AND SURFACE ENGINEERING ’16 23 RD IFHTSE CONGRESS APRIL 18-22, 2016 | SAVANNAH, GEORGIA